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Locanda al Cacciatore: cucina tipica e pizzeria

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Locanda al Cacciatore is distinguished not only for its fine interiors and presentation but also for the high quality offered at reasonable prices. The restaurant prepares delicious pizzascreated with wisdom and you can devise your choosing what ingredients to use.

In addition to pizza, the inn offers tasty food and pleasure-ofthe tradition and the province of Belluno and the Veneto. By bourguignonne meat anchovy you can always count on fresh and genuine products.

To crown the taste of the courses are available also selected wines from wineries in the area, while for beer lovers there is a welcome surprise. If you have decided to celebrate among friends ordered the beer gallon,there will come a drum 4 liters of beer and a pizza for free!

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Locanda al Cacciatore: typical cuisine and pizzeria

The Locanda distinguish itself not only for its fine furniture but Also for the right combination Both quality and price. The place prepares delicious pizzas made by knowledge and you can create your own pizza choosing from a several number of fresh ingredients. In Additions to the pizza the inn offers you traditional dishes of the provinces of Belluno and the Veneto region. From the bourguignonne of meat to the anchovies, you can always relay on fresh and genuine ingredients.

To make sure our special courses are the vines, selected from the local wine cellars as well. Meanwhile for the beer lovers there is a great surprise. If you have chosen to celebrate your birthday party with your friends you can order the beer at gallon, you will receive 4 liters beer keg with a complimentary pizza.

The Locanda's menu

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